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Angela McDonald

Angela McDonald PhD, LPCS, NCC

I am a currently a resident of Pennsylvania and the Dean of the School of Health Studies and Education at Saint Joseph’s University. I am the former Chair, Vice Chair and Education Reviewer for the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counseling. My counseling education was completed in Virginia where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Services Counseling, a master’s degree in Community Counseling, and a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision. My degrees are from Old Dominion University and the College of William & Mary. I am a National Certified Counselor and have been a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina since 2005. I am in process of applying for licensure in Pennsylvania. I practiced as a counselor in many settings: a women’s health clinic, a substance abuse agency, a family counseling clinic, a college counseling center, and a private practice. While these clinical experiences have shaped and influenced my counselor identity, it was not until I began serving as a board member and attending AASCB that I fully appreciated the complexity and interconnectedness of our professional ethics, values, and credentialing practices. Each state regulatory board has unique concerns, challenges, and resources. We build cohesion and momentum when we communicate amongst ourselves pooling our resources and expertise to make informed decisions, protect the public, and more effectively communicate.

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