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Angela McDonald

Angela McDonald PhD, LPCS, NCC

North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors


Thank you for considering me as a candidate for AASCB President-Elect. It is a pleasure to be a candidate with AASCB at such an exciting time in our counseling history. Our mobile, global, and technologically driven society presents many opportunities and challenges for members of the public that access counseling services, for licensed counselors, and for the boards that regulate the profession of counseling. I am enthusiastic about AASCB’s mission to facilitate collaboration among all state boards in service to the public. I value the organization as a hub for those who take on the challenging and sometimes messy work of occupational licensing.


I am a currently a resident of North Carolina where I serve as the Vice Chair and Education Reviewer for the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counseling. My counseling education was completed in Virginia where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Services Counseling, a master’s degree in Community Counseling, and a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision. My degrees are from Old Dominion University and the College of William & Mary. I am a National Certified Counselor and have been a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina since 2005. I have practiced as a counselor in many settings: a women’s health clinic, a substance abuse agency, a family counseling clinic, a college counseling center, and a private practice. While these clinical experiences have shaped and influenced my counselor identity, it was not until I began serving as a board member and attending AASCB that I fully appreciated the complexity and interconnectedness of our professional ethics, values, and credentialing practices. Each state regulatory board has unique concerns, challenges, and resources. We build cohesion and momentum when we communicate amongst ourselves, pooling our resources to make informed decisions and to more effectively communicate with policy makers.


I bring to AASCB a passionate commitment to service. I was recognized with the Devoted Service Award by the North Carolina Counseling Association (NCCA) in 2014 and have provided leadership within NCCA as President of the North Carolina Mental Health Counseling Association, Government Relations Chair, and Executive Council Secretary. I have also served the counseling profession as an editorial board member for Counseling Outcome and Research Evaluation and as a chapter advisor to Chi Sigma Iota. Additionally, I have presented at numerous counseling conferences and published on topics such as rural mental health, counseling members of the military, and working with families. Whether engaging in counseling as a researcher, clinician, or supervisor, I approach my work with humble curiosity.


I have been a member of the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke since 2008 and am now the Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling. UNC Pembroke is one of the most diverse campuses in the South and uniquely positioned in a rural county between a state border and the largest army base in the United States. As I train counselors to work within this diverse region and beyond, I witness a variety of practice issues relevant to regulatory boards. This inspires me to engage in and promote dialogue within our profession about topics that are important to us all, such as technology, suicide prevention, impaired professionals, continuing education, and ethics. The problems related to these issues have complex solutions that will be achieved with patience through dialogue and creativity.


Attending AASCB’s past conference inspired me to volunteer to serve this valuable organization as a member of the Executive Committee.  I see the good work that others are doing to promote coordination among the regulatory boards. If chosen to serve AASCB as President-elect, I pledge to connect, collaborate, and communicate. Thank you for your consideration.

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