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Perspectives of Professional Counseling Licensing Boards

Title: Perspectives of Professional Counseling Licensing Board Members
Principal Investigator: Kathy Ybañez-Llorente, Ph.D., LPC-S

This research study has been approved by the Texas State University Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Based on your identification as currently serving/having served in any one of the following roles on a Professional Counseling licensing board: Executive Director/Administrator/Board Manager/Examiner, Professional Member, or Public/Citizen/Consumer Member (stand alone, composite, advisory boards), you are being invited to participate in this research study. 


Eligible participants: licensing board members currently working with their state's professional counseling board, or anyone who has recently completed service on the board (within the last 2 years). 


This survey has been sent directly to those individuals for whom a usable email address could be located online, so you may have already received this request for participation.   What is the purpose of the study? Executive Directors and members of licensing boards are best positioned to speak to the impact of variances in licensure requirements on multiple aspects of professional counselor licensure. This study seeks to understand perspectives of licensing board members from across the nation. As the profession moves toward establishing national standards for professional counselors, data collected in this study may influence counseling-related public policy and regulation, further strengthening the identity of the counseling profession. What will be done if you agree to take part in this research study? You will be asked to share your perspective about serving on your state’s professional counseling licensing board. You are being asked to complete a demographic questionnaire and survey related to your experiences. The survey and demographics questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes in total to complete. You will also have an opportunity at the end of the survey to indicate whether you are interested in participating in a follow-up individual interview with the researcher. What are the possible benefits/risks from this research?  Is it voluntary? The knowledge gained from this study may contribute to the profession’s understanding of the perspectives of licensing board members and their work with licensing boards. There are no foreseeable risks to participating in this research study. Even so, your participation in the study is completely voluntary and you may skip any questions that make you uncomfortable. You are also free to withdraw from the study at any time, without penalty. No incentives for participation are being offered in this study. What are the assurances of confidentiality?  Provisions have been made for collecting, using, and storing data in a manner that protects the safety and privacy of the subjects and the confidentiality of the data. Responses to the electronic survey will be kept on a password protected computer, and the data collected will further be encrypted. Only the principal investigator will have access to the records from this research project. Any identifying information, including state affiliation, will be removed from individual responses, and eliminated from use in publications, presentations, or reports resulting from this study. Results will be reported in aggregate form.  This project EXP2016N971159T has been approved by the Texas State University IRB. Questions or concerns about the research, research participants' rights, or research-related harm to participants should be directed to both the IRB chair, Dr. Jon Lasser (512) 245-3413 ( and Director of Research Integrity Compliance, Sean Rubino (512) 245-2314 (   Questions about the research project itself should be directed to the Principal Investigator, Dr. Kathy Ybañez-Llorente  (512) 245-7985  email:   Please note that this survey will be best displayed on a laptop/ipad or desktop computer.  Some features may be less compatible for use on a mobile device.  

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Your participation is invaluable to this research and will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,

Kathy Ybañez-Llorente, Ph.D., LPC-S
Associate Professor of Professional Counseling
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, Texas  78666
Office 512.245.7985   Email:  

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