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AASCB's New Phase of Development and Growth

Dear Member,

As the American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB) moves to the next phase of its development and growth, I am excited to announce we have partnered with the Center for Credentialing & Education to manage its daily operations effective October 1st.   

The Executive Committee engaged in an in-depth strategic planning process to study how we could upgrade its member benefits. After considerable time and input from past Presidents and board members, we reviewed several board management proposals.  We determined CCE could assist us with reaching our strategic goals.        

Member Benefits

The title of Managing Director will be changed to Executive Director. This is a most notable change since it will allow AASCB to be formally represented at major professional functions when no AASCB Executive Committee member is able to be in attendance.  Having consistent AASCB representation is critical to the organization and the prior title (Managing Director) does not allow for the person to serve in that official capacity.   

The new manager serving in the role as Executive Director of AASCB is Mary Alice Olsan, M.B.A. Her knowledge of the identity, history, and needs of AASCB places her in an exceptionally strong position of serving AASCB in this role.  

Other services being upgraded and updated include information technologies (IT), accounting/ financial services, and marketing.   Over the years AASCB has struggled to keep its website up to date.  With this change AASCB will have an IT team made up of six dedicated full time staff from CCE with strong expertise in data management available.  This level of resource will be dedicated to making the website content more valuable, design it to be more user friendly, and develop helpful features to further serve the members.  The website will be more informative and interactive, and the overall content targeting our constituency will increase member awareness of current legislative issues.  It will also allow AASCB to track and analyze data on state and federal legislation.  Overall the updated website will allow AASCB members to be better informed, quickly identify regulatory concerns, and permit advocacy on important regulatory issues to be conducted in a more efficient manner. 

This contract change will also place at AASCB disposal an accounting department of eight to 10 experienced professionals in “not-for profits” tax law. CCE will make available a team of individuals that is geared towards marketing, graphics, and copy editing.  The benefits listed above are just a sampling among an exciting line-up of benefits that will be introduced in the future and made readily available to our members.  .        


AASCB is very excited about this upcoming change! During AASCB’s most recent annual conference in January, the five- year strategic plan was reviewed, revised and approved.  We believe that each of the core areas mentioned in the strategic plan will be realized with the ultimate goal to be better positioned to serve its members.  As you may know, AASCB’s mission is to promote regulatory excellence in the Counseling profession by providing leadership, education, and services to its member boards.  It is AASCB Executive Committee’s belief that this transition will allow us to fulfill its mission.  


James K. Matta, Sr.
President of AASCB    

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