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AASCB, ACES, AMHCA and NBCC Endorse New NCLEP 2.0 Portability Plan

Dear AASCB Member Boards,

Licensure portability continues to be an important topic for our profession due to the growing mobile workforce and expansion of tele-health practices. Counseling regulatory boards are on the front lines of this issue and will aid in determining the future of portability for counselors.  AASCB along with the National Portability Task Force that includes stakeholders from AMHCA, ACES and NBCC have been working to find a viable solution for portability.  In April 2017 the National Counselor Licensure Endorsement Process (NCLEP) 1.0 was introduced. 

Since that time the Task Force continued collecting data and working closely with state licensure boards to craft a plan that more broadly meets the needs of all stakeholders. After much deliberation, AASCB is pleased to announce that our joint efforts with AMHCA, ACES and NBCC have resulted in a revised licensure portability process called NCLEP 2.0. This was formally announced  through PRNewswire on October 1. 

The overarching goal of the initiative is to increase access to care while upholding standards that protect the public and reduce administrative burdens for state regulatory boards and licensees.  The NCLEP 2.0 achieves this goal and is an example of what can happen when multiple stakeholders come together and build consensus.  Click here to view NCLEP 2.0

We encourage your board to consider incorporating NCLEP 2.0 through rule or statutory means. This process establishes a set of criteria built on sound principles of quality assurance, national standards, and public protections that can guide state officials as they consider policy to increase the mental health workforce and meet the needs of their citizens.

The collaboration with AMHCA, ACES and NBCC on NCLEP 2.0 demonstrates progress towards professional unification and portability of licensure. In addition, the enhanced endorsement recommendations of NCLEP 2.0 are complimentary to the American Counseling Association’s development of a counseling interstate compact.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding NCLEP 2.0.


Ryan Pickut, AASCB President

Click here to view the NCLEP Toolkit




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